Most of our wines are made from organically grown grapes.

We think that the quality of a wine is determined in the vineyard and for this reason we have worked over the years to conserve and promote soil fertility, cultivating native clones and preserving historical varieties at risk of extinction, respecting biodiversity and the territory. Our work in the vineyard consists in adopting ecologically safe agronomic practices with the aim of eliminating the use of synthetic chemicals, while at the same time increasing safety for the environment and human health. Therefore our method of cultivation involves not only the phytosanitary defense, with copper and sulfur, but also the plant choices, pruning in respect of the lymphatic cycles, the selection of the shoots, the care of the leaf wall with continuous trimming and defoliation of precision to avoid stagnant humidity and prevent sunburn, soil tillage, inter-row management, weed control, management of the foliage, up to harvest.