The Vinum Senses restaurant was born with the ambition of combining the gastronomic excellence of the area with an open and contemporary spirit. The best seasonal materials are the basis of each preparation, while the great traditional dishes are presented both in their pure authenticity and reinterpreted alongside solutions that enhance their flavours.


Elegance and design

The dining room embraces the kitchen, eliminating any distance between those who create and those who taste.

The carefully renovated interior combines elements of design and comfort and elevates the gastronomic experience.


Skill and sentiment

The kitchen is a daydream, an imaginary landing place to reach. Creativity without limits, without arrival points, but horizons to be overcome with commitment and constant work. Experimentation, technique and feeling, with the raw material at the centre. Seasonality and the fight against waste are among the founding values. The goal is to provide a total experience that embraces all the senses!


Tradition and research

A wine list is never a random choice. A small casket that holds the best labels.

Firm roots and an evolutionary spirit drive the careful research of our Head Sommelier Roberto Dragani. A selection  of wines with more than five hundred labels conceived to accompany and make each dish shine.

Essence and taste

The dishes follow the rhythm of the seasons, using mainly km0 raw materials. Each dish is a journey of elegance, an explosion of unexpected flavour. Continuous research aims to eliminate the superfluous and make the raw material shine, to give an unforgettable experience with every taste.

A tailor-made experience to make important moments even more special and involve all the senses.



The Vinum Senses restaurant can be reserved for business lunches and dinners, intimate weddings, communions, confirmations, baptisms or family celebrations. The room seats up to 60 people.

Together with the chefs, it is possible to customize the tasting menu that will accompany your celebrations. Careful attention to detail will make the difference in making every moment memorable.

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Give an experience at the table of The Vinum Senses restaurant. Meet our cuisine and philosophy through the three to five-course tasting menus with the pairing of wines by the Maitre.


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